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Blue Millefiori Heart pendant

Blue Millefiori Heart Pendant


Blue Millefiori Heart Pendant. Import from Italy. A great gift to show your love!

Millefiori is an Italian word meaning a thousand flowers. Mille(thousand) and fiori(flowers) is a mosaic art form dating back many centuries. The island of Murano, located near Venice, Italy is world famous for hand blowing glass into jewelry and products for your home such as chandeliers, figurines, and fine dining articles. The glass blower uses tiny beads cut from long rods of glass. These rods have been layered with different colors of glass. The beads are then laid into a pattern and fused together creating a beautiful mosaic art piece resembling flowers. Often these are symmetrical patterns, but we also carry freeform patterns. Because each piece is hand made, no two are exactly alike. Murano glass is often called Venetian glass as the island is located near Venice.

We also carry other pieces of hand blown Murano glass jewelry. Many of these pieces have small flakes of gold or silver blown into the glass creating a beautiful effect. The Murano glass blowers have been creating their art for centuries. We find that many people have inherited pieces from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and friends. When you own a piece of Murano glass, you own a piece of art. Beware of cheap imitations.  All of our Murano glass is imported from Italy.

This is only a brief history of Millefiori and Murano glass, we encourage all to visit Venice and see these artisans at work, it's the trip of a lifetime!


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